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  • Real men!

    Amen brother! AMEN!

    Went to an outdoor focussed private school where we
    Were disciplined with a wooden stick if we mis behaved
    Completed 300-500 mile canoe trips, one with a 9 mile portage
    Snowshoed up to 25 miles in a day
    Did dog sled trips
    Winter camped

    All while in grades 7-10

    Tell someone now you did this and they ask if the school teachers were bullies?

  • My 35 year old son has been a pastor in a satellite church out of Nashville. He was sent to a more rural setting because he was the “hick” on staff. He was constantly maligned by the hipster Nashville gang because of his masculinity. He is a typical type 8 personality but his his servant heart is strong yet tender. He was disenfranchised until he came back to Texas to take a leadership role at Sky Ranch where he hopefully can model masculinity without shame to the next generation of Christian men. Keep telling the truth – our churches will be full of effeminate men and old ladies if we keep on the path we have started.

  • Eric,

    Your Great !!!

    Dont ever let the doublespeak folks tell you anything different then what you know naturally from Our Creator..

    I live just outside DC by 18 miles and I’m all about being a man and not a gentle man,

    I purposely put my arm on the table when eating out and love to throw a western style work boot out in the aisle just so the Gucci wearing folk get aggravated or intrigued.

    Being masculine in our area is a trait that is growing because it’s a God trait that makes us masculine…not a tattoo of a skull or a devil on our skin.

    I dont know you but read your article thru Steve Quayles site.

    I just like you to know I’m on your side and we agree on the subject.

    God bless you Eric.


  • When our fourth child was born my husband brought the older three to the hospital in their little starched jeans, with hair combed, faces scrubbed, teeth brushed, etc. The nurses carried on about it – it’s evidently not the norm – I didn’t even have to wonder if I would go home to a messy house. No way and boy do I praise my mother-in-law for that. Yes, you are doing your future daughters-in-law a wonderful service in training your sons as you are you!

    P.S. I’ve only read two of your posts, and don’t know if you’re homeschooling or not (?), but if you are, congratulations (see my blog, if you’re not yet doing so). My husband and I are veteran homeschoolers, and unlike most of our contemporaries, all our kids are well-mannered, drug-free, productive members of society who seem to really enjoy being around their parents!

  • Eric, Recently discovered you on twitter and have been listening to your podcasts. Like your mind man. Anyway, I lead our churches men’s ministry. Recently had an interaction with a brother and his response to my daily reading check-in troubled me and seems like his thought is that of men today. Would like to run this quick interaction by you. Also, do you do any speaking engagements? We have a men’s retreat in late September and am always looking for good men to challenge the guys through 3 sessions (1 Friday, 2 Saturday)

  • Eric,

    Thank you for your strong stand and raised voice!

    I was an ordained ARP minister for 10 years before parting company with the church. Today, along with a couple other men, I help lead a large and vibrant home fellowship that meets on Saturdays. We have focused on headship and patriarchy for the last year and are preparing for a father/son(s) hiking retreat to tune/focus our sons.

    Your ‘Dominion’ podcast from a couple months ago is amazing and I want to email it out, but can’t seem to get a direct link. Any way to generate links to specific podcasts? I’d like to direct our men particularly (though I hope they pursue many others on your site) and I’d like to refer to some of your podcasts on my blogs or in my weekly email commentary.

    Keep fighting the good fight!!


    • Peter,

      Most excellent! Glad you and others have found it useful.

      If you follow this link, you can then click on individual episodes and link to them (copy browser address when on the individual episode).



  • Hey Eric, started listening to your podcast and love it. Your words at times prick me to the quick, burn inside of me and make me want to be better. Thank you for this work.

    I do have a question: have you read “Wild at Heart” by John Eldridge? In its hay day, I read it. I liked it a lot as well. But I also heard critics call it unbiblical. A lot of what I hear from you and others like you remind me of the message the book says. What are your thoughts?

  • “Remember the Spartans”…

    My 17 year old son was an Eagle scout, Church key trustee, MOAA honoree, Cadet Colonel of his 250 plus very diverse JRTOC unit. Our friend, Lieutenant General Rock Brett, wanted Jim at West Point. He didn’t make the cut because the new Congress wanted 30 “Under Served” cadets instead.

    Jim’s fine now, learning lesson’s, making his own way.

    Glad to hear ancient voices like this have not been completely drown out.

    Be a Spartan.

  • Eric,
    I am a PCA Pastor outside Charleston, WV. I have really been blessed by your articles and podcast. I was wondering if I could set up a time to talk with you for a few minutes.
    I am beginning to try and work on some men things at church and would love to talk with you.
    Thanks again for all that you are doing for the Kingdom!

    God Bless,

  • I like the podcast! Learned about your work from AD Robles.

    Idea/Suggestion: could you interact with the new book “Gentle and Lowly” by Dane Ortlund… ?


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