The Good Man: Masculine Virtue from The Aeneid

In The Aeneid, Virgil paints a picture of the good man through the story of Aeneas. Having fled after Troy fell to the Greeks, our hero embarks on a journey to plant a city for his son and future generations. In the process, we learn that Aeneas is a good … View Post

Frankenstein, The French Revolution, & Monsters from the Id

In this episode, I talk with my friend Ben Garrett (Boniface Woodworking) about the book, “Monsters from the Id,” the French Revolution, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, Dracula, and what it all has to do with the Sexual Revolution & Identity Politics dominating our culture today. As it turns out, the monsters we unleash aren’t so easy to contain.  

The Top 5 Most Influential Books

In this episode, I’m joined by Brian Sauve and Dan Berkholder to talk about the five most influential books we’ve read. Spoiler alert: some of our picks turned into clusters. In any case, you’ll get your money’s worth in this episode, which is full of lots of great book discussions. From … View Post

How to Be Properly Hated

Are you hated in today’s culture? If not, you should probably be concerned. The fact is, if we’re faithful to Christ, that means the world will hate us. Consider this a roadmap to being hated — and how to do it as a Christian, i.e. with joy & gratitude, not bitterness. 

The Great Battle for the Hero’s Soul

In this episode, we talk about the Great Battle for the Masculine or heroic soul. We’ll talk about why men long to have the odds stacked against them, back to back with other great men, in a fight that demands their very best—courage, competence, and strength. We’ll also talk about how you can cultivate virtue. 

Testosterone, Food, & Masculine Health with John Moody

In this episode, I talk with John Moody about what’s going on with low testosterone in men, why our world is overrun by soy products, and what you can do to combat this softening. We’ll also talk about technology, whether or not it is neutral, and what we can learn … View Post

How Father Hunger Has Shaped an Entire Generation

What drove Michael Jordan to greatness? It was his father hunger. Unfortunately, that same father hunger is also destroying a nation, as young men and women long for fatherhood but often find only absence, criticism, coldness, or, worse, abusive language and behavior. Why is Father Hunger so important? Why has … View Post

Soft Men Will Get You Killed

Men of weak character put the people around them at risk, and this only worsens as timid-hearted men of delicate constitution rise in the ranks of leadership within a community, church, or government. Think of Captain Sobel in Band of Brothers, the petty and capricious disciplinarian of Easy Company who always got … View Post

Joel Webbon from Right Response Ministries

In this episode, I talk with pastor Joel Webbon from Right Response Ministries. We talk about how many of us have made huge transitions from Acts 29 to post mill covenant theology, and why that trend is happening. We also talk about Aimee Byrd, the slippery slope to feminism that … View Post

Psalms that Curse with Sean McGowan

Should Christians pray the imprecatory Psalms? Many notable Christian voices, including C.S. Lewis, say ‘no.’ However, we find the imprecatory Psalms on the lips of New Testament authors and Christ. So what’s the verdict? In this episode I talk with Sean McGowan, a PCA pastor, about his book, Psalms that Curse. The … View Post

Why Men Want Churches That Challenge Them

In the American church today, the standard philosophy when it comes to attracting men is that you set the barrier for entry as low as possible. You ask little to nothing from men, you don’t expect much from them by way of attention span or effort, and you try to make the service as much like a rock concert or sporting event as possible. In effect, we treat our men like Homer J. Simpson (a moron) or Ned Flanders (effeminate), and are then surprised when the competent men aren’t present. 

Why God Prefers Small Bands of Hard Men

In this episode, I talk with Dave and Kyle from Reformed Operator about why God so often prefers to work through faithful men serving as warriors for His cause. Such was the case with the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts, which we talk about in this episode. We also talk about Kyle’s recent article, Who Dares Wins, about the Rhodesian SAS. We talk about what Guerilla Theology is, why it’s important, and how you can develop a “Minuteman Mindset.” 

Part II: How to Get the Most Out of Your 20s

In this episode, I talk about the positive things you can be doing to maximize your 20s and set yourself up for several decades of fruitfulness. We’ll also talk about how to build a legacy vision for the next 50, 500, and 1,000 years, and why this is important. We’ll also address why you…

Need to focus on sowing seeds & patiently plodding 
Need a mission and how to discover yours
Should prioritize rest is as important as prioritizing work
Must crush porn
Should cultivate a thriving, pleasurable marriage bed
Should surround yourself with wise financial input
Must prioritize a worshipping community
Need to fall in love with the system, not results 

Part I: How to Get the Most Out of Your 20s

When it comes to living well in your 20s, society has a lot of poisonous ideas about what the good life would actually look like. Pagan culture encourages delaying responsibility, marriage, and family in exchange for careers, promiscuity, and carefree living. But does that work? Does it lead to happiness? Or is it quietly fueling a massive societal implosion? 

In this episode, we’ll talk about the six main lies that would cause you to not live well in your 20s. Next episode, we’ll deal with the positive things you can focus on in your 20s that will set you up well for decades to come. What’s worth investing in? We’ll talk about that, too. 

Break It Brian (Sauve): How a Tweet About Modesty Went Viral

Having utterly crushed Eric on Twitter recently with a viral tweet, Brian Sauve takes control of the Hard Men Podcast. In this episode, Eric, Brian, and Dan Berkholder talk about Brian’s recent viral tweet about modesty that has over 30 million views. Brian drew the ire of Barstool Sports, Adidas, … View Post

1917 with Dr. Owen Strachan

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Owen Strachan, Provost & Research Professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, AKA, “The Strip Mall Seminary.” We’ll unpack the deeper themes in 1917, a film about WWI. We’ll also talk about…

Interview with David Murrow: Why Men Hate Going to Church

Why do men hate going to church? Why are Western churches at least 60 percent female in composition? What about the church is so repulsive to masculine men? 

In this episode, I interview David Murrow, author of the book, Why Men Hate Going to Church. We’ll talk about…

10 Reasons Why Men Hate Going to Church

OK, so I threw in an 11th reason. Call it “bonus material.” But seriously, why do men hate going to church? The Western church is comprised mostly of women, sometimes as much as a 65% female majority. Again, why is this? We’ll explore the reasons in this episode. 

Why ‘Churchianity’ is Destroying America

In this episode, I talk about ‘Churchianity,’ an insidious teaching in the church that, like the Matrix, is hidden everywhere in plain sight. It explains The Gospel Coalition and why so many evangelical pastors have gone Woke. The term comes from Dr. Joe Boot of the Ezra Institute, whose writings also helped shape my thoughts on pietism. 

Review: It’s Good to Be A Man (The Book)

In this episode, I review the new book, It’s Good to Be a Man, by Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant. Released by Canon Press, IGTBAM is a book that every man should read, especially Christian men striving to become godly patriarchs with genuine, righteous gravitas. We’ll talk about why the book is important at this particular cultural moment, and discuss some of the core concepts in the book. 

Kyle Rittenhouse & Just Defense with Matt Trewhella

In this episode, I talk with Matt Trewhella, a pastor in Wisconsin, about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Men from Matt’s church were armed and present the night of the now infamous shooting, and Matt gives some hot takes about why Kyle did the just thing. I get Matt’s response to … View Post

Christianity & Social Justice with Jon Harris

In this episode, I talk with Jon Harris about his new book, “Christianity and Social Justice: Religions in Conflict.” We talk about the history of the social justice movement, why it is a competing religion with Christianity, and the key players who are pushing it in the church. Jon gives his take on the fate of the SBC, including with key players at key seminaries, and his experience as a podcaster who’s gained notoriety from opposing Wokeness in the modern church. 

Pietism vs. Piety: What’s the Difference?

In this episode, I compare and contrast the unbiblical counterfeit of Pietism with the real thing, Piety. We’ll talk about what Pietism is, why it’s a distortion of biblical teaching, and how it has negatively impacted American evangelicalism. We’ll also talk about what biblical Piety is and why it’s good for culture & society.

How Should Christians Think About Relocation?

In this episode, I talk with Pastor Brian Sauve about how Christians should think about relocating to a different state and worship community. What priorities should order that decision? How should fathers lead through these difficult decisions? What factors should weigh most heavily when considering a move?