Why Men Want Churches That Challenge Them

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Why Men Want Churches That Challenge Them

In the American church today, the standard philosophy when it comes to attracting men is that you set the barrier for entry as low as possible. You ask little to nothing from men, you don’t expect much from them by way of attention span or effort, and you try to make the service as much like a rock concert or sporting event as possible. In effect, we treat our men like Homer J. Simpson (a moron) or Ned Flanders (effeminate), and are then surprised when the competent men aren’t present.

What men are attracted to, however, is risk, danger, and the promise of reward. When men have real mission, real challenges, and a high barrier for entry, they are fully engaged.

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2 thoughts on “Why Men Want Churches That Challenge Them”

  1. Could you clarify what you meant in the part about weeding out the type of man who wouldn’t want to go mountain hunting, that you want to weed the type of man who wouldnt do it out of the church? Is there room for different types of hardness among Christian men? For ex, a suburban or white collar kind of guy may have no interest in doing that, and hunting and backpacking and roughing it is of no interest and not a part of his life, but the challenge he enjoys and puts himself to is training for and running a couple marathons a year. Or another example is James White, I consider him an excellent man but in no way see him packing out an elk with you in his coogie sweaters—but, he cycles like a mad man and that takes hell of endurance. Id even venture to say the same of Doug Wilson—I don’t see him going on a week long solo in the wildlands of Idaho, but he sure is fearless in his writing. Tom Ascol in FL as well, even Michael Foster I believe is not an outdoorsman. I hope I’m conveying what I’m trying to ask, and respectfully—examples seem to be the best way to explain it. Just at times you seem to corner real masculinity and real men as only those who are blue collar, rough and tumble, hunting and hiking kind of guys. Can men who are otherwise still be considered biblically masculine and ‘in’ with that (your?) kind of crowd?

    • I never said we need to weed out the kind of man who doesn’t mountain hunt. That would be an absurd claim. I am good friends with Foster. He doesn’t hunt. I do. We both advocate for masculinity.

      Raising standards is about attracting/cultivating masculine men and driving away (either through repentance or physically leaving) men who are effeminate.

      I have never said, “All men must hunt,” or even be outdoorsy. They do need to be hardened, which means disciplined, tested mentally and physically. That could be on a bike or in another element.


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