Why Bold Churches are Growing in the Shamdemic

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Why Bold Churches are Growing in the Shamdemic

In this episode, I’m joined by pastor Andy Parker of The Ridge Covenant Church in Michigan. As Andy has witnessed firsthand, the net effect of the Great Shamdemic of 2020 hasn’t been all bad. In fact, for those willing to be courageous, it’s been a year of tremendous growth for the church. Andy talks about how his church has grown, why men are growing more bold, and what’s going on with so many squishy evangelicals with big platforms.

We talk more about Governor Whitler’s Michigan, why now is the time to stand tall and push back, and how you can keep a tender heart while maintaining a spine of steel.



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1 thought on “Why Bold Churches are Growing in the Shamdemic”

  1. You mentioned hyper patriarchy for a quick minute here (i think it was this episode…i listened last week😅). Would you consider doing an episode about hyper patriarchy, or abuses and unbiblical versions of patriarchy? What it is, what it looks like, where it’s found, rebuttles to it’s claims, etc. This is actually an area where I think patriarchal Christian women looking for resources may be naive. People often point to IFB types, but lately I’ve noticed there are quite a few ‘trad’ ‘patriarchal’ twitter accounts, claiming to teach Biblical marriage and gender roles, that many Christian women follow. However, when you read the tweets, look back through their timelines, the views expressed are far beyond what folks like you, Foster, Wilson, or even Lori Alexander teach: unquestioning unthinking obedience and control that’s borderline BDSM/dom-sub, women are essentially children, only need rudimentary education, may never confront a husband’s sin, even domestic discipline and some degrading sexual teachings that are again borderline BDSM (see 10 Sex Rules for Christian Wives that recently made the rounds-yikes). It may seem like it should be obvious where these views cease to align with Scripture, and maybe it’s more clear to (good) men, but they sneak in under the ‘trad’ or ‘patriarchy’ banner and honestly many women, eager to embrace biblical sexuality but more easily deceived, follow thinking it must be biblical. Abusive patriarchy is the strawman of choice of liberals (Duggars, anyone?), but there are really no resources from Biblical patriarchalists seriously examining where the line is and when it actually turns into abuse or overreach. It’s always dismissed as fringe, but clearly it exists and has a presence in several forms, from the IFB crowd to the ‘trad’ types. It would be very helpful to see someone on ‘our side’ tackle this!


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