What is Biblical Patriarchy?

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
What is Biblical Patriarchy?
In this episode, I’ll be making the case for biblical patriarchy. I’ll also recap the case against complementarianism. What is biblical patriarchy and why does it matter for today’s world? Is it merely an invention of men, as feminists and Marxists argue, or is it rooted in Scripture and the nature of the created order? Does it apply to the home and church alone, or all of life? Is hierarchy inherently evil? 
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4 thoughts on “What is Biblical Patriarchy?”

  1. Thank you for this! As a former lesbian feminist now born again believe in Messiah…I am glad for these kind of truths that have helped me learn to become a respectful and honoring wife to my husband. I love him and I am proud to be his helpmate!

  2. Exceptionally well articulated case for Biblical Patriarchy. Looking forward to Eric’s dealing with the fallacies and rebuttals thrown by both feminists and complimentarians.

  3. Eric, you have no idea how you’ve helped me. I’m a 21 man who went through most of my teen years without my dad living with me and constantly traveling across the country for work. And so I’ve struggled for a while about feeling feminine and actually having the idea the Christianity held me back from being a man, but your an answered prayer; God has shown me masculine Christianity. I struggle often times with depression and dark thoughts because I felt exactly how you explained in your 10 reasons why men hate going to church. I still struggle with purpose, but knowing I can finally be everything a man’s supposed to be without the sacrifice of the God I love tremendously helps me. I thank God so much for what your doing.


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