Part II: How to Get the Most Out of Your 20s

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Part II: How to Get the Most Out of Your 20s

In this episode, I talk about the positive things you can be doing to maximize your 20s and set yourself up for several decades of fruitfulness. We’ll also talk about how to build a legacy vision for the next 50, 500, and 1,000 years, and why this is important. We’ll also address why you…

  • Need to focus on sowing seeds & patiently plodding
  • Need a mission and how to discover yours
  • Need to make room for marriage counseling
  • Should prioritize rest is as important as prioritizing work
  • Must crush porn
  • Should cultivate a thriving, pleasurable marriage bed
  • Should surround yourself with wise financial input
  • Must prioritize a worshipping community
  • Need to fall in love with the system, not results
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