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Review: Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America

In this episode, I take an in-depth look at Jeff Pollard’s book, Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America. In the book, Jeff makes the case from Scripture, church history, and the explicit intentions of the swimsuit industry that America has been slowly and shamefully undressed. He addresses biblical standards for modesty and how they apply to the church today. 

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Why Should Christians Care About Modesty?

In this episode, I talk with pastor Brian Sauve about Christian modesty, why it’s so important for pastors to address this oft-neglected issue in the church today (especially as summer approaches), and what God’s Word has to say about the uncovering nakedness. We also discuss plagiarism in the SBC and Brian’s new Psalm project, which has now exceeded 275,000 downloads.

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What is Biblical Patriarchy?

In this episode, I’ll be making the case for biblical patriarchy. I’ll also recap the case against complementarianism. What is biblical patriarchy and why does it matter for today’s world? Is it merely an invention of men, as feminists and Marxists argue, or is it rooted in Scripture and the nature of the created order? Does it apply to the home and church alone, or all of life? Is hierarchy inherently evil? 

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How Men Can Pursue Belonging

In this episode, I talk with Scott Tungay about the nature of belonging, and why so many men are longing for, well, belonging. We live in a world that’s transient, disconnected, and constantly uprooted. We never stay in one place or one job for very long, and we seldom know the people in our community very well. Scott breaks down three vital ways we can create and cultivate belonging in local places despite the obstacles.

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Why Pietism is Destroying America

In this episode, I talk with P. Andrew Sandlin about why Pietism is destroying American culture, where it came from, and why it has made the church susceptible to Critical Race Theory. We talk about why being gospel centered isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, why evangelical leaders went woke, and why we need the law of God in every realm of life. We also talk about how John Piper’s pietism led to his misplaced open letter about Donald Trump, why Ray Ortlund’s glee at cultural decay is cringe worthy, and what can be done to clean up our current cultural mess.

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Why Bold Churches are Growing in the Shamdemic

In this episode, I’m joined by pastor Andy Parker of The Ridge Covenant Church in Michigan. As Andy has witnessed firsthand, the net effect of the Great Shamdemic of 2020 hasn’t been all bad. In fact, for those willing to be courageous, it’s been a year of tremendous growth for the church. Andy talks about how his church has grown, why men are growing more bold, and what’s going on with so many squishy evangelicals with big platforms. We talk more about Governor Whitler’s Michigan, why now is the time to stand tall and push back, and how you can keep a tender heart while maintaining a spine of steel. 

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Interview: Rory Groves from Durable Trades

In this episode, I interview Rory Groves, author of the book, Durable Trades: Family Centered Economies that have Stood the Test of Time.

We’ll talk about what got Rory doing research for the book, what authors influenced him, and why fiat currency in an inflationary debt-based economy is destroying America. We’ll discuss his family’s farm, how the Industrial Revolution impacted families, and what life within a durable household economy is actually like. 

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Why Polarizing Messages Are So Effective

Polarization gets a lot of bad press today, especially among elites in academia, media and psychology. Polarization is supposedly driving Americans apart. Despite what you have heard, however, Polarization can be a powerful tool for effective communication. It’s also an essential strategy for the next phase of the culture war.

In this episode, I’ll talk about why polarization is so effective and how you can harness its power. Whether you’re a pastor, business leader, or creative, polarization is a powerful tool.

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Interview: Pastor Rich Lusk on Masculinity and the Church

In this episode, I talk with Pastor Rich Lusk from Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, about the state of masculinity in the church today. We talk about why the church’s softness on Genesis 1-3 has weakened its ability to respond to cultural issues related to sex and gender distinction, and why  psychologists like Jordan Petersen are often better than Christians at pointing to reality. 

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Review: Durable Trades by Rory Groves

In this episode, I review Rory Groves’ book, Durable Trades: Family Centered Economies that Have Stood the Test of Time. One of my favorite new books for 2021, Groves’ book details the trades that were around when the U.S. was founded and that still exist today. It’s a great book for men, sons, & fathers as they seek to establish durable households in a world of chaos.

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Why Overload is Destroying Men

In this episode, we’ll talk about how overload—living life without margins—is destroying men. We’ll talk about why this is a bad thing, what environmental factors lead to this condition, and what it does to a man’s health, hormones, and legacy.

We’ll also talk about real world strategies for avoiding burnout, crushing overload, and living a more fruitful, meaningful, and enjoyable life.

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The Art of Culture War

It’s a trying time for Christians waking up to the reality that the world is a lot more hostile than it was in the past. From the Biden “election” to the censorship of Big Digital, there’s obvious concerns. Yet Christians

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