Motherhood is God’s Plan for Your Sanctification

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Motherhood is God's Plan for Your Sanctification
Recently, I saw a meme floating around thanks to Tim Challies. It pictured a woman hugging herself, with these words: “The highest aim of womanhood is NOT motherhood; the highest aim of womanhood is being conformed to the image of Christ—Gloria Furman.”
In this episode, we’ll talk about why this statement is false, why Big Eva(ngelicalism) is awash with pietistic drivel like this, and what Scripture actually teaches about salvation and motherhood for women.

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3 thoughts on “Motherhood is God’s Plan for Your Sanctification”

  1. I agree with everything you are saying and thank you for preaching the truth that I have thirsted for for years (I am a woman abs wife and new mom praise God). But I want to say it was sometimes hard to listen to because of the lack of gentleness and just intentional sarcasm and harshness. Also Using Gods name in vain (saying OMG when quoting a valley girl) and using the word retarded as an adjective. Why did you choose to communicate this message that way? It distracted from the amazing truth you are preaching. Just was compelled to let you know this.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Glad the message hit home.

      In the past, sarcasm, humor, and biting language was a normal part of the world. See especially Martin Luther or Calvin’s commentaries. Read the founding fathers’ exchanges with ideas and people during that time period. Satire and similar genres are all but lost in an era of political correctness. We are worse off for it. Men, especially, are expected to communicate in the vein of “niceness.”

      Context is also helpful—this wasn’t a sermon from a “priest” archetype in a pulpit. It was a “king” type attempting to slay a few dragons. Kings are often not seen as “nice little boys” by the “priest” class. And that’s OK.

      Consider, “Luther used humor to meet his rhetorical goals, “to enhance his biblical witness, to ridicule those in power, and to mock death and the devil.” Twenty-five years after he published the Ninety-Five Theses, for instance, he poked fun at an archbishop who made the faithful pay admission to view sacred remains by circulating a pamphlet (anonymous at first) advertising mock relics, including three flames from the burning bush on Mount Sinai.

      His humor tended toward the scatological. He claimed he experienced a spiritual revelation while on the toilet: “The Holy Spirit unveiled the Scriptures for me in the tower.” The pope, a nemesis, was his “dearest little ass-pope.”

      All that said, in the words of a country song, “I’m not for everyone.” I say that with a bit of humor. I think you’ll find most of my episodes aren’t as biting as that one. But keep one thing in mind: even at the time, many people thought the reformers rather crass and, well, not gentle or nice. It’s part of the work of reform.

      Thanks again. Eric

  2. How about you shut the fuck up and stay out of grown women’s business, you stupid fuck. I’ll don’t want children. I have a career and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it! Diead! 🖕🖕🖕


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