Interview: Rory Groves from Durable Trades

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Interview: Rory Groves from Durable Trades

In this episode, I interview Rory Groves, author of the book, Durable Trades: Family Centered Economies that have Stood the Test of Time.

We’ll talk about what got Rory doing research for the book, what authors influenced him, and why fiat currency in an inflationary debt-based economy is destroying America. We’ll discuss his family’s farm, how the Industrial Revolution impacted families, and what life within a durable household economy is actually like.


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  1. Excellent interview. I appreciate y’alls willingness to claim the wisdom of Proverbs in a sensical and direct way, without the exegetical gymnastics required from industrial capitalist ideologues . I contend that scripture assumes an agrarian order. While you didn’t make that claim, it is nice to hear people thinking adjacently.


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