Interview: Pastor Rich Lusk on Masculinity and the Church

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Interview: Pastor Rich Lusk on Masculinity and the Church

In this episode, I talk with Pastor Rich Lusk from Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, about the state of masculinity in the church today. We talk about why the church’s softness on Genesis 1-3 has weakened its ability to respond to cultural issues related to sex and gender distinction, and why  psychologists like Jordan Petersen are often better than Christians at pointing to reality.

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2 thoughts on “Interview: Pastor Rich Lusk on Masculinity and the Church”

  1. Thanks for another great episode Eric!
    Something that was said on the show towards the end, about resources for young women got me thinking about a book by Debi Pearl called “created to be his help meet” it is a book that has helped a lot of women I know.
    If you haven’t heard of it I would encourage you to check it out.
    It may be a book worth adding to your recommended reading list.

    • Thanks Wesley, glad you found it helpful.

      I haven’t read the Pearls in some time, though some of what they have to say is helpful and biblical. I do recall some of their stuff gets weird and/or I had disagreements with interpretations of Scripture. Discernment, as always, is probably key. I can’t say much more without having read it more recently.




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