Interview: Lori Alexander with The Transformed Wife

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Interview: Lori Alexander with The Transformed Wife

In this episode, I talk with Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife. Lori has active Twitter and Facebook accounts and gets a serious amount of hate for promoting patriarchy, wives loving their husbands and serving in their homes, and pointing out the lie that is feminism.

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7 thoughts on “Interview: Lori Alexander with The Transformed Wife”

  1. Lori’s teachings have definitely helped my marriage. Also, some of her health tips have benefitted our family as well. She is very “countercultural” but only because the culture has strayed so far.

  2. God,
    What a piece of shit this woman is. She is always offended. She is not influential. She is a piece of garbage.

  3. No, Lori Alexander is hated for calling career women, “Rebellious, God-Hating Jezebells. You know the truth about Lori Alexander:

    Married an ATM
    Had kids to avoid working
    Hired a maid & cook to raise the kids she never wanted so she could sleep
    Beat her toddlers for four hours to exert power over defenseless toddlers
    Kick toddlers out into the cold on Christmas day in their flimsey pajamas for doing what toddlers do, open their christmas presents, which, in her own words, “I was so mad.” It was about Lori Alexander’s anger, not about opening Christmas presents.

    Lori Alexander USES God’s Holy name to thrust hatred towards everyone not her. Her entire days are spent on social media, “Going house to house, ” gossiping and hurling insults at everyone not of her, “Rich, WHITE upperclass, priviledged life. Nothing Godly about Lori Alexander.

  4. Lori is a breath of fresh air. Teaching truth from Gods word. I have learned much from her and we need more biblical woman like her


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