How Should Christians Think About Relocation?

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
How Should Christians Think About Relocation?

In this episode, I talk with Pastor Brian Sauve about how Christians should think about relocating to a different state and worship community. What priorities should order that decision? How should fathers lead through these difficult decisions? What factors should weigh most heavily when considering a move?

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1 thought on “How Should Christians Think About Relocation?”

  1. Hi! A few weeks ago you had tweeted this: Moving for a thriving church/community is sexy. Staying to reform what’s broken is not. More people need to be engaged in the second task than the first. Change my mind.
    And there was a bit of conversation from that tweet about many reformed people skipping out from good churches in boring places for the ‘sexy’ places like Moscow. I think you had an episode with the South African guy (don’t remember his name) along the same lines, that people move from sound churches in less exciting places (midwest, south, etc) to these places looking for a perfect church and perfect community, and that there may be folly in that. I was wondering if your thoughts have changed from this based on this episode (which was great!) or if this episode refers more to folks in major progressive places like Cali/NY. The views expressed here just seemed a bit contradictory to that and I was curious. Thanks!


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