Breaking Down the Twitter Debacle About Modesty

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Breaking Down the Twitter Debacle About Modesty

After the recent episode with pastor Brian Sauve titled Why Should Christians Care About Modesty?, we started to see quite a bit of feedback on Twitter. Brian, especially, hit the hornet’s nest with a well-aimed tweet. Soon, Thabiti (Ron Burns) got involved, as did Kyle J. Howard and Beth Moore. Jory Micah, Jacob Denhollander, and others started tweeting about modesty.

In this episode, Brian, Dan Berkholder, and Eric Conn break it all down, including the major tactics of the left and how you can disarm them, what it means to be a White Knight, and why women’s sin’s can never be addressed.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Down the Twitter Debacle About Modesty”

  1. @Brian’s tweet, YES! THIS! I guess that Beth Moore is ok with women being whores, as long as they are “saved”, and godly whores. IMHO

  2. Mr. Conn,

    I just got done listening to your latest podcast, Breaking Down the Twitter Debacle About Modesty,
    And I have to say it was informative and refreshing. I must admit that the issue of modesty in the church has been around for quite some time. In fact, your podcast reminded me of an article I read in the Last Days Ministries magazine back in the mid 1980’s (before the advent of the World Wide Web we read articles printed on paper). I have attached the weblink to the article for you to review (it is about a 3–5 minute read).

    Please be encouraged by knowing that the work you are doing is reaching people and changing lives, mine specifically. I have been a Christian for Thirty Seven years and have seen the damage of progressive thought, feminist resolve, and cultural relativism. On many, many occasions I have thought to myself “am I just an old middle aged white man who is behind the times or am I truly alone in realizing that this crap is nothing but pure crap?” Thanks to you and your ministry I can truly say that the current trend in Big Eva is truly nothing but pure crap.

    Blessings to you sir.

    Terry Lenstra


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