Break It Brian (Sauve): How a Tweet About Modesty Went Viral

Hard Men Podcast
Hard Men Podcast
Break It Brian (Sauve): How a Tweet About Modesty Went Viral

Having utterly crushed Eric on Twitter recently with a viral tweet, Brian Sauve takes control of the Hard Men Podcast. In this episode, Eric, Brian, and Dan Berkholder talk about Brian’s recent viral tweet about modesty that has over 30 million views. Brian drew the ire of Barstool Sports, Adidas, Yahoo News, and other media coverage from The Blaze, Daily Wire, Not the Bee, and Others. We’ll also talk about…

  • Our new podcast about cultural engagement
  • Why modesty is such a hot button issue
  • Why Beth Moore and Brian always get into it on Twitter
  • Why sexuality is a good litmus test about the culture
  • How pastors should respond to moments like this
  • Brian’s Patreon
  • Brian’s Twitter Account
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2 thoughts on “Break It Brian (Sauve): How a Tweet About Modesty Went Viral”

  1. Great episode. Can y’all do one on head coverings in worship? I’ve been confused for years and struggle with the typical reformed Baptist answers.


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