10 Reasons Why Men Hate Going to Church

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Hard Men Podcast
10 Reasons Why Men Hate Going to Church

OK, so I threw in an 11th reason. Call it “bonus material.” But seriously, why do men hate going to church? The Western church is comprised mostly of women, sometimes as much as a 65% female majority. Again, why is this? We’ll explore the reasons in this episode.



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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Men Hate Going to Church”

  1. Now that I’m asking I cant remember if you addressed this, but I dont have time to re*listen lol. But you mentioned that Islam is 60% men, the opposite of Christian churches percentages, because of the masculine nature of their religion. Is that a desirable thing or the goal Christian churches should have, for men to be the majority and out-number women? Or should the goal be an equal split 50/50 men and women? I know it’s a good thing for more men to be in the church but I couldn’t tell if you meant Islams 60%40% split was good just because there are men in general or if more men than women itself was a desirable thing.


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