How The Christian Media Industry is at War with Men

In case you haven’t noticed, the Christian media industry is at war with men.

From The Gospel Coalition’s relegation of heterosexuality and endorsement of effeminacy to Desiring God and its neutered stance on the very masculine matter of armed self-defense, all the way to the halls of Christianity Today and its very public feminist agenda, there’s a not-so-subtle war being waged on men.

In a YouTube video in his SelfWire series, Dr. Paul Maxwell says this war on masculinity is a firmly-held and not-so-secret agenda within the Christian publishing world. A former writer for The Gospel Coalition (TGC)Desiring God and acquisitions editor at Moody Publishers, Maxwell documents the inner workings of the publishing world:

There is one piece of folk wisdom among Christian publishing that guides a lot of book acquisition and marketing. Men don’t buy books. Women buy books. That governs most publishing acquisitions and marketing strategy. So even books that we acquired for men were actually marketed to sell to women, mainly, to buy for their husbands or sons.

Maxwell says this bias plays into editorial hires which tend to be given to women or effeminate men who can speak to a predominantly soft-left female audience. The requisite message and tone are high on emotionalism, low on intellectual content, and heavily biased against traditionally signified masculinity. As Maxwell says, every article is basically a new way to make you feel guilty about not being spiritual enough.

By his estimation and based on industry metrics, Maxwell claims the audience for most of these publishing houses and blogs is 80 to 90 percent female. If you’ve ever suspected TGC appeals particularly to soft men and leftish women, there’s no need for you to be suspicious. This is TGC‘s practiced editorial intent.

To borrow Maxwell’s phrase, mainstream evangelical culture has become a beta male culture. Which is why real men are flocking away in droves, not just from the aisles of Christian bookstores but from the pews of their local churches.

What Maxwell says about Christian publishing could just as easily be said of pastors and the churches we lead here in North America: we don’t know how to (or don’t want to) speak to men, and thus prefer speaking to women and the androgynous.

A Step Further
It goes further than that, however. By not teaching and honoring Biblical manhood, it has inevitably led to the church and her publishers opposing all things manly.

When Tim Keller showcased a gay ballet performance as his offertory in the PCA’s flagship church in Manhattan several years ago, it wasn’t innocuous, sexually. It was a hostile act against manhood.

When John Piper castigated men for carrying a firearm in defense of themselves and their loved ones, his words were not innocuous. No, in both instances, these influential pastors may as well have painted a sign above the church’s door that read: “Men need not apply.”

Maxwell’s video is helpful because it not only points to the problem, but aims in the direction of a solution. Oddly enough, he suggests platforms like Christianity Today hire masculine men to curate content on their site, which is well meaning but delusional. 

Those groups’ abandonment of men is not accidental. That brand of feminism at its core detests masculinity—there’s no desire to communicate with the guy who likes to hunt, wrench on a vehicle, and work with his hands. 

What is helpful is Maxwell’s analysis of the intellectual dark web and several of its key players and their ability to attract a masculine audience.

Among them he mentions Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL; Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist; Ben Shapiro, a conservative talk show host; and Joe Rogan, an irreverent mixed martial artist, UFC commentator, and podcast host.

Maxwell helpfully identifies four characteristics of their podcasts or books that make them wildly appealing to real men. If you’re a pastor, blogger, writer, or podcast host, take note.

First, these men focus on the brute physicality of manhood.

Jocko and Rogan are into mixed martial arts and talk regularly about physical discipline, getting ripped in the gym, and their exploits as soldiers, hunters, and fighters. It’s no shock that real men want to talk about muscles, military campaigns and wilderness exploits.

I’ll be the first to admit that the manosphere on Twitter and elsewhere often goes way to far in celebrating self-obsessed men who elevate physical fitness to an improper place, but it can still a helpful tonic in a time when most churches have adopted a gnostic position that neglects bodily discipline of any sort.

Men care about their physical body and should be taught how to use it in a godly fashion; they shouldn’t be told their body doesn’t matter or shamed for taking an interest in physical fitness or health. 

Second, these men are unashamedly nationalistic and patriotic.

Meanwhile, it’s a huge trend in evangelicalism to lean left, bash Trump, and condemn love of country in itself as the ultimate offense against the Gospel.

On the other hand, Ben Shapiro and others are proudly American and possess the intellectual horsepower to back up their devotion. Again, it’s no surprise so many Christian men find Jocko or Shapiro more interesting than their pastor or men in their church who show contempt for those who take pride in their nation. 

Third, these men are intellectually brilliant.

Contrary to everything the publishing world and positively woke feminist culture claims, Maxwell points out that so-called alpha males are often incredibly smart and require rigorous intellectual conversation. The emotionalistic drivel that dominates Christian conversation today is a 100-percent “hell no” from most men. Sentimental, emotionalistic drivel. 

Men want more Rogan and his interviews with brilliant farmers, scientists, psychologists, and sports heroes. Forget the celebrity pastor and his limp-wristed virtue signaling to Vice’s HBO crowd.

Fourth, these men often deal in the realm of the taboo. 

They drink, smoke cigars (Rogan is a notorious pothead), and speak in earthy ways that most men can identify with. While there’s a lot to sift through, they address topics with ruthless directness, regularly offending the politically correct crowd. Again, it’s no surprise that men of the warrior culture find these things immensely appealing. (Word to the wise, Rogan is often heinously profane and often goes way too far. Listener beware.) 

Practically speaking then, what does this mean for the church?

It doesn’t mean lacing your sermons with F-bombs (please don’t), but it means recognizing the shortfall of masculine content coming from the church, the hunger men have for truth, and then filling that gap with something robustly biblical and engaging. It’s not about sloppily repackaging Jordan Peterson with a bible verse, but thinking deeply about important issues and having something significant to say in return. 

Here are a few ways to learn and step up the game: 

First, instead of simply dismissing resources or voices that are successfully speaking to men, learn from them and improve upon them.  

Instead of bashing Peterson, as many pastors have done, read him with eyes of discernment and learn the tale of the lobster. Stand up straight, put your shoulders back, and face the enemy with courage. It will do your soul immeasurable good.

Recognize what’s true, spit out the bones. Most of all, consider what void it’s filling in the lives of men. 

Second, men with masculine virtue need to dedicate themselves to creating better content.

Since in this very tamed-down and lamed-down epoch of Diet Christianity, the church and its teaching are rife with effeminacy, we need to find genuine expressions of masculinity and start imitating and improving upon them.

You are what you read, so take a walk through history and spend time with generals, war heroes, and the Chestertonian giants of older books who knew nothing other than authentic masculinity and championed it with skill. Read about Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Winston Churchill. 

Get yourself a copy of Canon Press’ Thoughts For Young Men, by the manly J.C. Ryle. Follow Michael Foster on Twitter, sign up for the It’s Good to Be A Man newsletter, and surround yourself with other men making masculine content. 

Third—and this is absolutely vital—be actively engaged in the art of becoming real men.

There’s no room for put-ons and posers. We must repudiate closet hipsters with their sham formula for attracting men to a podcast or social media platform. No virtue signaling our get-swole-alpha-maleness in the opposite direction.

How do we reach and speak to men? First and foremost, we must be men in pursuit of masculine virtues. No faking it. No perfection. Just the battle scars of those in pursuit.

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash


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10 thoughts on “How The Christian Media Industry is at War with Men”

  1. Nice to see the reference to Tolkien

    “All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    Had to memorize this for English Lit in Gr 10 in the late 1970s while attending St. John’s School, Ontario Canada. A private boy’s school that developed boys into men. Canoe trips of hundreds of miles, snowshoeing upwards of 30miles/day, winter camping (overnight temps as cold as -30), dog sledding trips.

    Love the piece. It is so true.
    That’s why music bands like:
    P.O.D sing songs like “The Messenjah”,
    Sanctus Real sing “Lead Me”
    Rhett Walker Band sing “When Mercy Found Me”
    We as Human sing “I stand” and “We Fall Apart”

  2. Excellent.

    My 16-year-old boy talks of all four of those men. They speak to his desire for manhood. He’s headed to the Army or Marines.

    He will read this article.

    Oh, and K-Love. God help that thing, with the female-led morning show with the male host obsessed with the word “adorable” and the musicians whose songs they play that look like they just came from a Bernie Sanders rally.

    Loved your article—pertinent and powerful.

    Mike Azinger

  3. It began, in my opinion, with the entertainment industry. Go back to how men were portrayed in television shows like “Father Knows Best” and “My Three Sons” — mature, caring, knowledgeable, masculine.

    Then look at how men are portrayed in the majority of the last decade’s shows — dumb, submissive, etc.

    See the stark difference? I see only Tim Allen’s two shows as an exception, but only partially. Tool Man was a screw-up, couldn’t communicate, and was in general professionally subordinate to his #2. His latest show had him playing a much different character. His standup shows have changed little, but his TV shows have.

    Ask yourself how the TV shows of the last 40 years have gradually changed the male image from what it was to what has become. The mass media and the entertainment industry are both ni the communication business. Both have played equal roles in diminishing formerly important aspects of social life.

  4. First and foremost something needs to be set straight — If it were truly ‘Christian media’ it wouldn’t be at war with man/masculinity.
    Only perverted males and females who have no place in heaven (see 1 Cor 6: 9, 10) have a problem with men. The problem arises when those perverted in thought, life, and belief arise against GOD and what He set forth (which just so happens to be the majority of pulpits and denominations in the USA today).
    Like closing church doors for Covid19 — those perverted ‘ministers’ all slammed their ‘church’ doors in Christ’s face so that they could obey their lord and master satan. Not a one stood up that first day and said no. Then it dawned on them what they had done and they decided to make a public show to redeem themselves in the public eye.
    Revelation chapter 3 is done. The book is closed. Only GOD’s judgment is forthcoming on an unrepentant nation.

    • Thank you for your courage . Covid never closed my church and we never wore masks .The pulpits are of the Jezebel spirit of feminism . I left two churches due to it . I am writing a book about it and the lack of believing Ephesians 5 and 6 . The demise of the Christian family . Most churches have woman preaching in them and are starting to appoint woman pastors . Ruining the family by disobeying the word of God and obeying the culture .

  5. Thank you for the article econn. Though I think your article is potent on a lot of points, you have missed the mark on what is really going on. The problem going on is that no one wants to listen to sound doctrine or the truth. They would rather have their ears scratched by hucksters like Rick Warren and Steve Furtick than read the Bible as is. After all, womenz draw all the money, and Christianity Inc needs more of it. In the end, the young men of my generation will gravitate to very toxic grifters such as the intellectual darkweb (who have been exposed). Peterson is a grifter who is borderline agnostic and does not believe the Bible literally. Ben Shapiro is an orthodox jew who blasphemes Christ. Joe Rogan is also an agnostic grifter who has routinely brought people on his show who blaspheme Jesus gleefully.

    Real masculinity is conforming more into the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. We need an uprising of spiritually tough men who are not afraid to lose money or hurt feelings by telling people the truth about God and the gospel. We don’t need men who know how to skin a deer or all these cartoon-character attributes. We need some men who have repented, know their Bible inside out, believe in the name above all names, and are not afraid to stand up to Christianity Inc and preach the way, the truth and the life.

    • Thank you James for a right reply. Totally up with everything here that the feminization needs to stop, but hunting and grunting doesn’t necessarily reflect real manhood.

  6. Any “Christian” endeavor that asks for your money or tries to sell you stuff, is usually not of God. God’s truth is freely given. These “Christian” media groups are just there to make a buck off of foolish Christians and people who think they’re Christian. The apostle Paul supported himself by working as a tentmaker. Who do these greedy clowns think they are, that they deserve to live off of Christianity, when Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament, would not? The paid “Christian” media is just here to fleece the flock. The apostle Paul was beaten, imprisoned, stoned, and shipwrecked, while working for Jesus Christ, and didn’t feel like he needed a big salary to keep him serving Christ. The media is full of conmen and whores hustling for dollars, repackaging satanic Feminism and every other worldly cause as being part of Christianity.

  7. Well, I wrote a lengthy comment and than hit the back button on my phone. Good times, lol.

    To summarize what I wrote..
    Both my wife and I have been alienated from former “friends” and family. I’ve had threats agains my health/life by relatives and boyfriends of relatives (their demons trying to get a rize out of me). All this because I choose to lead my family in the pursuit of truth that’s only found in our Creator and heavenly Father. I won’t ever walk out on our Creator nor do I have any plans to walk into a church building. My family and I’s nomadic lifestyle (building a school bus into our home on wheels) has allowed us to meet others in our travels and connect with others who are seeking the truth. What better time to show the strength and power a man can have in our Creator than during the current times we’re living in.
    Being a spiritual warrior is essential to leading my family down a path of spiritual maturity and growth before our heavenly Father.
    I want to teach my son (and daughter) what a man looks like that stands boldly in the truth, whether he’s alone or with others. To fight the spiritual battle first and the physical battles second. Knowing how to fight evil spiritual forces is, at the very least, equally important in knowing how to defend yourself against those who threaten your life.

    Keep standing in truth. Seeking the fear of our Creator and heavenly Father. My His favor and mercy be with you in your obedience to Him.


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