Can We Kill Celebrity-Driven Christianity Already?

About a decade ago, I attended one of the first Together for the Gospel conferences in Louisville, Kentucky. This was long before the event exploded into what it is today, the hallmark of celebrity-driven Christianity, where thousands pack the KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville every two years to ogle … View Post

The Restful Church

In a world that is so often busy, frantic, draining, and constantly places demands on more of our time, energy, and moral investment, you’d expect the church that Jesus built to be a sanctuary of rest, a calm within that storm. After all, Jesus said a life devoted to Him … View Post

Hard Men in a World of Softness

Several years ago, I was at a gathering with a group of church leaders who hailed from around the country, many of them from major metropolitan areas. As an elder from a town of only a few thousand, and at the time an editor at a gun magazine, I felt … View Post

An Ordinary Life

The winter season inevitably feels like a God-given opportunity to turn inward and homeward as brief sunlight and colder weather make the warmth of the home inviting rather than restrictive. It’s a naturally built-in time for reflection and refreshment surrounded by loved ones and a few good friends. The pace … View Post