Where does character come from?   I’ve been asking myself that question as I examine my own life and the life of Abraham, both of which are full of resistance. I’d like to think character comes from experiencing a long string of successes and goals met—at least that would be convenient … View Post

A Tale of Two People: Those Who Radiate or Drain

As humans we are destined to radiate or drain.  We’re either giving life to those around us or taking it. There’s no neutral ground. We’re either the kind of person that lightens the load for others or throws bricks onto already weary backs. We breathe life or we strangle it.  … View Post

Embracing Your Obstacles

At any given point in our lives, we all have a laundry list of obstacles that stand in our way. No matter who you are or what socio-economic strata you come from, there’s no escape from adversity. Suffering doesn’t care how much money you make or how popular, famous or pretty you … View Post

Why Do So Many People Hate Their Job?

Why does work humor—particularly that which revolves around devilish bosses, incompetent coworkers, or fantasies about the building burning to the ground as you pull into the lot—strike such a resonant chord among so many people? I asked myself that question recently while sifting through an unending selection of Pinterest memes … View Post

The Heart of a Shepherd

Of all the things God could have pointed to and said, “This is what I want the leader of my church to be like,” it is utterly profound that He chose the shepherd. In a world full of broad shouldered and big headed Sauls, God looked out into the forgotten … View Post

The Myth of Unlimited Choice

Of my three boys, not one shares even remotely the same personality. Raised in the same home, with the same parents, in relatively the same environment, and yet not one is even close to similar. The notion that they came into the world as tabula rasa, the Latin phrase meaning … View Post

Start (Today)

I wonder at times why God gave us the capacity to dream, to envision a world full of possibilities, none of which are at present the fabric of our reality. He could have made us mindless drones without a concept of the future or a longing to create. But yet … View Post

The Art of Slow Plodding

In a world short on whole-souled, enduring commitment and long on the quick, easy, and effortless, it’s refreshing and sobering to see men and women who slowly, painstakingly give themselves to the sort of everyday deeds that produce the kind of fruit that can only be measured, not by days, … View Post

On My Way (Back to Where I Started)

Fishermen, Norman Maclean once wrote, are adept at reading the waters. They’re men with questions about what’s under the surface, behind that rock, around the next bend. What’s much more difficult, he went on, is reading the waters of our lives, understanding how our stories are coming together and taking … View Post

A Dog in the Field

A thick, cool mist hung in the Georgia pines in the wake of a daylong rainstorm and a spell of sweltering heat before that. Cruising through the brush in a back-and-forth symphony of neatly choreographed movement, two English pointers glided into a statuesque pose with a covey of quail just … View Post

Let It Go

“THERE ARE FAR BETTER THINGS AHEAD THAN ANY WE LEAVE BEHIND.” C.S. LEWIS Letting go is hard (unless of course you’re Elsa from Frozen, who seemed rather to delight in it). But sometimes we have to let go of one or many good things in order to embrace better opportunities and … View Post