The Heart of the Wild

In many ways, the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness is the land time forgot. At over 2.3 million acres, it is the largest contiguous and federally managed wilderness in the Lower 48, completely roadless and, as it turns out, unrelentingly inhospitable. There are no motorized vehicles or equipment, just … View Post

Facing Failure

I stood among the cedars, overlooking a series of ridges that disappeared into a grassy plateau, which then ran on for a half mile and dropped sharply into the river. Having braved a mountaintop thunderstorm on a hellacious early morning trek into elk territory with my brother, we watched as a … View Post

On My Way (Back to Where I Started)

Fishermen, Norman Maclean once wrote, are adept at reading the waters. They’re men with questions about what’s under the surface, behind that rock, around the next bend. What’s much more difficult, he went on, is reading the waters of our lives, understanding how our stories are coming together and taking … View Post

Eastern Plains Coyotes

As the rabbit distress call blared on for the third or fourth consecutive moment, two pairs of ears crested the distant hill some 320 yards away. For 30 more yards they crept closer, as if a charge on the call was inevitable, but just at that point they turned two … View Post

A Dog in the Field

A thick, cool mist hung in the Georgia pines in the wake of a daylong rainstorm and a spell of sweltering heat before that. Cruising through the brush in a back-and-forth symphony of neatly choreographed movement, two English pointers glided into a statuesque pose with a covey of quail just … View Post

No Easy Bull

My brother Matt and I were running, as fast as we could with our packs and rifles, across the side of a mountain to catch up with a small herd of elk on the last day of the season. After four days of fruitless hunting, the hopes of our season … View Post

West By Idaho

“On some hunts you notch a tag—on others you notch your soul.” into the wilderness By the time you reach mature adulthood, it’s obvious this business called Life can be a rather busy, tiring endeavor. There’s always more to do, and always friend or foe alike standing by to add … View Post