Why Polarizing Messages Are So Effective

If you read anything about polarization in the realm of politics or psychology today, it almost always comes with a negative connotation and is followed by long-winded, motherly diatribes about how polarity is destroying our country.

A quick Google search will bear this out. Among political commentators and writers at The Atlantic and New York Magazine, polarization is a four-letter word that resides somewhere in the same low rent district as racism and bigotry.

Thoughts for Small Town Pastors

If you’ve binge watched too many Hallmark Channel Christmas movies in your lifetime, there’s a very real chance your view of the small, rural American town is one of picturesque landscapes, heart-warming familial experiences, lifelong friendships, and svelte, brawny men with flannel shirts and movie star smiles. Or if you … View Post

Why Overload is Destroying Men

In his book, The Overload Syndrome, Richard Swenson describes an all-too-common condition in which moderns typically find themselves: overworked, overcommitted, and on the brink of burnout. Many of us wear the frantic and frenetic pace of our lives as a badge of honor. When we do stop for a gasp … View Post

Be Killing Sin

My brother walked into church sometime ago on a Sunday, a few minutes late, somewhere in the early part of the service. Inoticed him slide into one of the pews in the back, not thinking anything of his tardy entry. After service, I saw that his hand was wrapped in … View Post

Fire on the Mountain

On July 2, 1994, a rainless thunderstorm bull-rushed its way from Grand Junction eastward along the Colorado River. When lightning struck Storm King Mountain that evening, just west of Glenwood Springs, nearby residents reported a small, smoldering fire. No one took it seriously. After a record year of drought, searing … View Post